How to Increase eCommerce Checkout Page Conversion
22 Nov 2016 22nd November 2016

Shoppable Instagram drives traffic from Instagram to your site so your followers can easily buy the products in your feed.

What is Shoppable Instagram?

Shoppable Instagram is a new Yotpo feature that creates a shoppable version of your Instagram account. This augmented Instagram gallery seamlessly sends shoppers directly from the photos of your products to product pages

The Problem with Selling on Instagram

Picture this: A follower sees your Instagram post, say of a jacket you sell, and decides she wants to buy it.

In order to buy, she visits your website where she clicks the Women’s category, and then Outerwear. She scrolls through your products, can’t find it, and returns to her Instagram feed.

You’ve worked hard to engage customers within Instagram. You’ve posted photos, invested time, paid influencers, and used different software to increase engagement and sales.

But Instagram doesn’t make it easy to connect content to commerce.

It’s frustrating for your followers who can’t navigate to your site to purchase products they see in your photos.

The Solution: Shoppable Instagram

is laser-focused on enabling your Instagram followers to purchase products they see in Instagram photos.

It’s quite simple. We make an enhanced version of your Instagram feed that mimics Instagram’s look and feel and includes links to the product pages of tagged products in each image.

You can link to your Shoppable Instagram from within your Instagram profile.

Then, when you post photos that include products, you can direct your followers to the shoppable feed via the photo captions. In the shoppable feed, they can complete their purchase.

What Shoppable Instagram Means for You

Yotpo’s Shoppable Instagram is unique in that it adds an extra layer of value and urgency by showcasing products’ star ratings, quantities sold recently and promoted products, and offers the ability to integrate customer photos into the feed.

This layer is only available since Yotpo is integrated with your review and your order history, something that no other solution can offer.


Especially with Instagram’s own embrace of shoppable photos, it’s more important now than ever to stand out from the pack.

After getting started, you’ll see an increase in qualified traffic to your site.

Since shoppers coming from Instagram are looking for specific items you’ve posted, they have some of the highest conversion rates and lowest bounce rates our of all your traffic sources.

Shoppable Instagram is available in our Visual Marketing Suite Plus package.
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