Ecommerce website usability refers to ease of use for the visitor. The visitor should be helped by visual clues to make the navigation through the ecommerce site ease so that the visitor can easily complete the desired action. Any friction will affect the usability of the site negatively.

Ecommerce experience refers to the visitor's buying journey experince during a buying process completion on your ecommerce site. The visitor will land on your ecommerce site to buy your product or service. The sum of interactions with your site during this buying process will make up the experience on your visitor's mind.

Customer(visitor) experience testing refers to the visitor's completion of the buying process. The visitor usually is given tasks ( buy x, find y) to complete. The visitors buying journey can be recorded to analyse the issues that the visitor may face.

A visitor journey mapping refers to a mapping of a visitor buying journey on your ecommerce site. The visitor will start on homepage and complete the buying process. The visitor will add item in the basket and complete checkout process. The mapping of this journey represents a visual map of the visitor's buying journey.

The mapping of visitor journey will allow you to walk in your buyer's shoes to see the site as they see it. The visitor's perspective will reveal opportunities for the ecommerce owner to influence the visitor's journey to increase conversions. The mapping will provide the data to improve the journeys for the visitors.

The visitor's journey is a sum of visitor's interaction with your ecommerce site. The charting of this journey means visualising all the interactions. The visitor will complete various tasks to complete the buying journey. The map will show all the interactions and the context of the interactions. The map will be a simple drawing of the journey.

According to Forrester in 2020 85 % of site visitor will complete or incomplete the buying journeys without interacting with the company. This means your ecommerce website visitor will not ask for help to complete the process they will simply leave your website.

The visitor's experience can be improved by simplifying the buying journey and personalization of the journey. The simple and personalised visitor journeys will make your customers happy. The visitor experience on your ecommerce site will be a main conversion optimiser for your site.