About FDM Experience

FDM is a digital marketing agency that creates a better customer experience through simplification of buying journey (process). With offices in London and Istanbul, we are international. Moreover, FDM Experience's project team boasts the very best talent in specific digital marketing discipline.

Our history

Fdm Experience was established in 2013 to help businesses with their digital transformation. We help many companies with redesigning of their websites. We specialise in digital brand experiences that support offline experiences and have engineered many improvements for our clients such as SMS (text messages) campaigns to get traffic to client's sites. We have learned that the visitor must have a seamless and friction-less customer experience to convert. Better customer experience on your e-commerce site increase both conversion and customer satisfaction. We work with many small companies with different budgets to create amazing customer experience on their e-commerce websites. The objective of maximising ROI with small budgets creates thrilling creative challenges for us.

Our name

"FDM" is an abbreviation for Fortuna Digitalis Media. FDM Experience refers to the overall experience one has when visiting an e-commerce site and completing tasks on the site. Why FDM EXPERIENCE? Because, if the experience is positive, brand loyalty is born. If it is not, you have lost an opportunity to increase sales.

As for Fortuna, well "Fortuna" is a goddess of luck in Roman Mythology. That is why our closing line in our emails is MAY THE GODDESS BE WITH YOU.

Our goal

FDM Experience aims to make sure our clients present a unique and positive brand image at every customer touch point. How?

By creating customer journey maps to influence the buying journey to create WOW moments. By conducting customer experience testing studies (videos), FDM Experience make sure the buying journey is seamless and friction-less. Better customer experiences turn visitors to become brands advocates.