Strategic Roadmaps for actionable recommendations

The visitor’s feedback and the buying journey mapping will identify the issues the visitors faces and will ultimately lead to recommendations. The recommendations will be outlined easy to follow, highly concentrated reports.

The visitor feedback and the buying journey mapping will reveal many issues that the visitor may face when visiting the e-commerce site, however our experts analyse these issues and provide recommendations based on strategic importance of impact on the visitor experience.

We prioritise the issues and inform the client on their strategic impact on the bottom line and conversion. The report will recommend the improvements in strategic order so that the most important issue that harm your image and sales dealt immediately.
Our recommendations will ultimately be conversion optimisation recommendations. Any issue that create friction for the visitor will be affecting conversion negatively.

You get knowledge based reports that give you actionable recommendations that are based on visitor’s feedback. The recommendation can be about information architect which is about organizing the content so that it can be found. The visitor needs to find whatever they are looking for easily and quickly. The visitor feedback can identify the lack of search box on the site to find the product easily. The search box in e-commerce sites is essential to help the visitor in finding the product they are trying to buy. The old marketing adage says if they can’t find they can’t buy. By making it easy for the visitor you are increasing possibility of sales and conversions.