How do we create better customer experiences?

By conducting visitor experience tests (videos), you will be able to find problems with your navigation flow and buying process that you might not be aware of. Give visitors some tasks to complete (e.g. find X, and buy it), and have them comment out loud while they’re browsing your site, then watch the screen recording of it.

The ecommerce companies spend a lot of money and time to create easy to use websites to convince the visitor to convert and increase the sales. However, the visitor or the customer has not been involved in the process. The visitor’s perspective will provide invaluable feedback for the designer and the company to make necessary adjustments to create better visitor experiences.

The visitor feedback ensures you about the things work as they should. You get real feedback from real users through visitor videos so you can make informed design decisions that improve the flow of navigation your website, app or product design.

Even testing one target user is better than testing none at all. Peep Laja

How Many Test Users in a Usability Study?
Five participants have found 85% of the usability problems. 15 users to discover all the usability problems in the design. NN GROUP

The visitors feedback informs the strategic design decisions to create better customer experience to convert more visitors into buyers.

The visitor feedback is crucial in optimisation of the buying journey. You cannot improve the buying journey without customer feedback and perspective on the flow of navigation.

The visitor buying experience videos will allow you to follow the footsteps of your visitor. It will help you to identify pain points and opportunities to improve the navigation flow and the buying process. It will allow you to tailor and engineer personalised visitor experiences.

The visitor feedback also helps to map the visitor’s buying journey. Researching the issues that the visitors face and prioritise strategic impact of each issue on the conversion rates will inform conversion optimisation decisions.